Situated near the Tropic of Capricorn, Mauritius has the advantage of a subtropical climate. The climate is fairly acceptable to everyone and the heat is never unbearable. Citizens enjoy excellent all year-round weather.

There are 2 seasons:

- Summer (November to April), with an average temperature of 30°
- Winter (May to September) with a variation of temperatures from 17° at night to 24° in mid-afternoon.
In between, a pleasant period from September to November with temperatures between 25° and 28°.

Mauritius does not suffer from a monsoon climate.

The Cyclone season generally occurs between January through to March. Tropical cyclones pass near Mauritius, which are close enough to disrupt the weather giving on average about four days per year windy and rainy weather.
However, there is no cause for alarm as the chances of meeting with torrential cyclonic weather during a trip to Mauritius is very slim. Visitors should be prepared to spend a few days indoors during extra-heavy rains.

The sun rises at 05.00 and sets at 19.00 in Summertime, during Winter it rises at 06.00 and sets at 18.00.

December through March is the best time for diving, when the waters are at their clearest; June through August is the best time for surfing; and October through April is excellent for big game fishing, when the large predators feed close to shore.